Swimwear Line Wants You To Know They Don’t Photoshop Their Models In Their Ads

Listen, everyone’s got stretchmarks, cottage cheese and rolls here and there. It’s just how it is. But one swimwear line is taking the whole photoshopped ads thing to a new level by not only showing untouched images of larger women in swimsuits, but making damn well sure you know that the images haven’t been touched by a computer (minus the text of course). The question is…do you really want to see it.

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Ashley Graham is a popular plus sized model and the face of Swimsuitsforall. She also appeared on Sports Illustrated last year, but is now making her mark by showing off every crease and fold for the new swimwear line and people are celebrating her and the brand for their valiant efforts.

This time however, Denise Bidot has taken the reins as the face for Swimsuitsforall 2015. And a lot of people are paying attention because of the campaigns call to untouched photography in their advertisements.

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My two cents would be that, yes, having every woman on a magazine be photoshopped to the point of unreachable perfection is sending the wrong message to impressionable people. And not just kids. Not everyone can be a Kevin James or Melissa McCarthy and celebrate their out-of-shapeness. Some people think the smallest weight gain or flab is the end of the world, BUT…I don’t think being overweight should be celebrated either. Sure, some people have a physical issue with not being able to stay “skinny”, but that doesn’t mean you should give up eating healthy or aim to be fit either. FIT being the key word here, not just “skinny”. This model, in my opinion, might as well be holding a cheeseburger because the brand is really insistent on showing you all of the dimples. So are these ads telling us it’s super okay to be un-fit?

On the flip-side, maybe it just comes down to fat shaming as well. No “overweight” person is truly comfortable with their bodies so maybe this ad can actually help those people in at least being a little happier with themselves and who they are for right now, which could lead to a healthier lifestyle. Either way, now I just want Carl’s Jr. for lunch.

What do you guys think, is this a little unnecessary or some sort of great call to action for overweight people all over the world?