Swedish Start-up Lets You Rent People With Dwarfism

This week in start-up news brings us to Sweden where a start-up has started a service that rents out people with dwarfism for entertainment at corporate and private events. I guess the person who started this was thinking “If Leo can do it in The Wolf of Wall Street, then it’s totally fine, right?”

The site is called dvarg.se and “dvarg” translates to “dwarf” or “gnome.” Classy, huh? When you rent their dwarfs they provide services such as dwarf-boxing, bartending, and of course dwarf tossing. Johannes Eriksson, the company’s co-founder says that they cater from everything from nightclubs to bachelor parties.

It just so happens that the company’s other co-founder, Arash Ayatineja is a dwarf and he used to work for a similar company in Denmark. Eriksson linked up with him and they created this ultimate bro-company that will unfortunately make more money than I will ever see. They’ve already had big, high-profile clients like Spotify and HBO Nordic and they are booking at list three to five events each week.

Maria Persdotter, chairman for the Swedish National Association for Disabled Children and Young People, isn’t too happy about this service and says that she is angry and sad at the situation saying, “This is like a giant step back in history to when people would pay to watch strange-looking people.”

Now you can do that for free in the Internet!

She realizes that adults with dwarfism have the right to do whatever they want, but it doesn’t set a good example to young people. She adds, that “The idea that this is the way you’re supposed to earn money as a dwarf is very disturbing.”

Of course, Eriksson sees nothing controversial with any of this – maybe because he’s making tons of money off of it. He says that “I don’t think I need to respond in any other way than that I am a liberal man and I think that everyone should be able to do what they want with their own body.” Just like prostitution and mail-order brides, right?

But let’s face it, no service with the word “rent” and “people” will ever end well. People are obviously going to have strong opinions about this. I’m offended because it’s such a douchetastic idea all around – like bottle service.

Source: The Local