Suspended For Twerking: Over The Line Or Fits The Crime?

Twerking. We’ve discussed its merits before. I can safely say it’s something we all love or at least admire watching. But now twerking has reached the national stage in what we at Break are calling the greatest injustice America has seen in the last fewish hours.

Meet the Scripps Ranch High School 2013 Twerk Team:

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These 33 media students were suspended after this video was released. Five days out of school, at least, for violating what the school’s handbook calls “verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature made by someone from or in the educational setting.” The seniors involved might also be barred from prom and from walking across the stage at graduation.

I see the school’s point of view, but I think they’re missing something valuable here: art.

Normally, art is sort of stupid. I’m not going to stare at a painting for hours on end, thinking about the time period it was created in and the emotions and strokes, blah, blah, blah. But I respect the expression. And this twerking video is art. Twerking is an art. Rap is an art. Combined, it is art. Just because it is sexual doesn’t make it bad.

So is this school saying don’t express yourself? Hide yourself? Be a silent zombie in the hallways of strict and totalitarian education? I’d say so. This is America, where you should feel free to twerk all up on a gym wall. Where you should feel safe with a girl’s booty poppin’ in your face. Where you can release a video online, NAY, a piece of art, and not worry about being shunned and punished.

If we cannot twerk then what are we fighting for?

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The founding fathers would be ashamed. And confused. More confused than anything, actually.

Join the cause to free these students from their punishments by tweeting #freethetwerkteam

– Mark (see me twerking all up on twitter)