Can You Go The Distance? Science Has Determined The Average Time We Have Sex

If you’re like a Break editor, when you hop on Grindr Tinder and start chatting up someone new, you make sure to point out that you have the sexual stamina of a nuclear creatine-fueled sexual cyborg and can please your would-be partner for at least 15 straight hours with no break.  Sex with you is a spectacle and an event, and anyone brave enough to step up to the plate is going to end up changed and walking funny.  That would put you, scientifically speaking, on the far end of the scale.

According to research gathered from 500 couples who literally used stop watches to time their sexual encounters, the news is either awesome or sad, depending on your perspective.  The quickest time to ejaculation is about 33 seconds, while the longest was 44 minutes.  But when you add up all 500 and average them out, a single sexual encounter seems to last about 5.4 minutes.  That’s the standard.

The use of condoms has no effect on time, it seems, nor does the man being circumcised or not, so don’t worry about any of that.  And in terms of just what qualifies as sex, you still have some wiggle room there, this is just how long it took the dude to get off regardless of what the two of you are doing together.  So if there was a lot of foreplay ahead of time, your numbers may skew lower since this was supposed to measure the moment of penetration to the moment of ejaculation.

Worth noting is that the longest time was 44 minutes.  How often do you hear about sexual sessions lasting for hours?  Not that such a thing is impossible, but it’s not penetration.  Of course, ask any woman if she wants to actually have uninterrupted sex for a straight hour and odds are the answer is no.  That’d be one monotonous, chafe-filled experience.

If you’re wondering about geography, as in “do people from another country have longer sexual sessions” the answer is no, on average.  With one exception – for some reason people in Turkey seem to average faster sex.  They’re having sex for 3.7 minutes, while the rest of the world seems to hold up to that 5.4 minute average.  Is there a reason?  Science hasn’t explained that one yet.

Maybe a surprise or maybe not a surprise, but the older the man is, the quicker he is on the draw.  Don’t let old dudes fool you by claiming they have more experience and can last longer because blah blah.  That’s a lie.  Old dudes are fast dudes.

Next time you’re chatting up a lady, you can tell her you last twice as long as most dudes and you’re barely committing to 11 minutes.