Former Surgeon Arrested For Giving Florida Man A Deformed Penis

The words “deformed,” “mutilated,” and “penis” aren’t necessarily three words you want to be heard together when looking at a police report. Although “Mutilated Penis” sounds like a great name for a punk band, it brings a visual that can make a man squirm. Thanks to an ex-surgeon, this visual has become a reality.

Former surgeon Mark David Schreiber was arrested in Broward County, Florida for unlicensed practice of healthcare. He allegedly performed a procedure that left a man’s penis severely deformed. 

Even Dr. Heiter is cringing from fromer surgeon Mark David Schreiber.

But Shreiber was not working alone in this mutilated member mystery. Authorities are still searching for 48-year-old Nery Carvajal who is closely connected to the case. She was the one who referred the unnamed victim to Shreiber. She met the victim at a salon where he worked and she sold her injectable fillers and cosmetic facial services.

This lady will do things with your penis you wouldn’t believe…. like inject stuff into it at her warehouse.

Reports say she started to give him gluteal injections, chin injections, and other services in the cozy convenience of her warehouse – HER WAREHOUSE. Then one day, he decided to get something injected into his wang to make it bigger. Let me remind you that this is all being done in a warehouse. 

$1,500 later, his penis wasn’t reacting well with the injections. He said it started to look deformed so Caravajal introduced him to Schreiber so that he can get the injections extractions removed from his penis. 

After the procedure and another $1,000, he woke up to see blood soaked bandages and that his penis was even more deformed. In addition he had no sensation during urination and is unable to perform any sexual activities.

Shreiber  (who has a history of unlicensed practice) may be in custody, but Carvajal is still on the loose probably injecting other penises out of a food truck in the Midwest. This is a very sad and disturbing story… but it would make a really great episode for Black Mirror.

Source: NBC Miami