‘Surge’ Soda Is Available Once Again, Proving That Miracles Do Happen

The internet’s craving for 90’s nostalgia just hit its pinnacle. The discontinued soda Surge is coming back due to popular demand. However, it won’t be at your local grocery store.

In an attempt to compete with Pepsi’s already established Mountain Dew, Coca-Cola came up with their own version, Surge, in 1996. Unfortunately, the brand came to an end in 2001, much to the chagrin of kids everywhere.

But with the public’s almost blood-thirsty (or should I say soda-thirsty) levels of nostalgia for semi-obscure 90’s products, Surge has successfully made a comeback due to the popularity of this Facebook page created by fans: “Surge Movement”.

On an extremely serious note, HOLY SH*T–SURGE IS BACK!

In true internet movement form, the drink is available for everyone… but only on the internet. Sold through Amazon.com from the Coca Cola Company, you can buy Surge in packs of 12, 16-oz. cans.


However, after hitting Amazon for just a few hours, the soda is already SOLD OUT. Bummer, I know. But hey, it is Surge. What did you expect?!

But you can sign up on their email list, and they’ll alert you the next time Surge is available. Hopefully it won’t take another 13 years, because fans are becoming ravenous.

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“Feed The Rush” and sign up to buy Surge for the next go around HERE, because who knows how many cans Coca-Cola plans on making.

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source: Bloomberg