School Superintendent Accused of Calling Employees 26 Types of “Bitch”

PhilHaney by PhilHaney on May. 05, 2014

What’s more offensive: Ross’s use of the word “bitch” or wearing of bowties?

A school superintendent is being sued by eight employees who say he created a hostile work environment due to his constant use of the word “bitch” for which he had 26 variations. Which sets a good example for the students: if you’re going to be an asshole, be creative!  Ronald O. Ross, is the Superintendent of Greenburgh Central School District in Hartsdale, NY. Ross is accused of intimidating, degrading and “distracting employees from their professional duties and responsibilities” with his racist, profane and- let’s face it; hysterically awful comments toward staff and students.  It’s like “A Small World After All” of hate as Ross covers everyone on this list and doesn’t discriminate against who he is discriminating against.

  • "White Bitch"
  • "Whining White Bitch"
  • "Black Bitch"
  • "Fat Bitch"
  • "Old Black Bitch"
  • "Old Fat Black Bitch"
  • "Nazi Bitch"
  • "Russian Bitch"
  • "Cancer Bitch"
  • "Jew Bitch"
  • "Midget Bitch"
  • "Fat Drunk Bitch"
  • "False Titty Bitch"
  • "Fake Titty Bitch"
  • "Old Black Bitch"
  • "Old Fat Black Bitch"
  • "Nosey Jew Bitch"
  • "Black Bitches"
  • "Dumb Bitch"
  • "Fucking White Bitch"
  • "Fat White D-e Bitch"
  • "White D-e Bitch"
  • "Drunken Bitch"
  • "Deaf White Bitch"
  • "Racist White Bitch"
  • "Racist Brazilian Bitch"

That’s terrible. I can’t believe he forgot “Bitch Tits.” To top it off some of these on the list seem redundant. Was “False Titty Bitch” and “Fake Titty Bitch” the same person? That must have caused confusion, since the teachers, principal, human resources director and guidance counselors accusing Ross wouldn’t know if they were the ones being harassed or not.   

Now who feels like a little bitch?

Maybe he was just a big fan of Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad? Or maybe he was conducting social experiment to see how far someone can go before getting fired.  In addition to his Bitch List, Ross is accused of telling female students they will be rooffied and raped in college and using other racially charged terms like:

  • “Aunt Jemima"
  • "Clarence Thomas"
  • "White Uncle Tom"
  • "White Devil"
  • "sell out"
  • "crackers"
  • "trailer trash"
  • "Oreo”

To top it off, Ross even made fun of teachers gain and loss of weight over the school intercom and told one employee she got cancer because she was such a bitch. Most workplaces these days have pretty strict codes of conduct when it comes to this sort of thing. How did he get through all 26 bitch incarnations without getting the boot?  Who is on the school board, Eric Cartman?

This guy was the Superintendent of the School District and probably wielded a lot of power over both major and minor decisions throughout the school year. Can you imagine if he had to approve the faculty page of the High School Yearbook?

It seems that Superintendent Ross might be looking for work soon. If he’s saved up some money, I hear there is a basketball team in Los Angeles looking for a new owner.  

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Dante40 User

Ya... Really pushed the limits on that one.  I won't even mention a girls weight or what they are eating.  Getting offended about any racial slurs is stupid though.  Yup I'm a honkey... ouch.  Don't say N$#%$# but will use it in our songs every other sentence and call each other it.

Janet Perry
Janet Perry

I didn't know there was so many types of bitches

Noah Dunn
Noah Dunn

I love that south park song lol

Joshua N Nikki Ward
Joshua N Nikki Ward

You seem like such an expert,how about trying someone your own size,i'll give you my address.

Joe Glick
Joe Glick

William Wallen Bekki Anderson

Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez

Su papi le mete el cock en la boca when he falls asleep in his computer chair LMFAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Sam Carcamo
Sam Carcamo


Curtis Deem
Curtis Deem

Wait a minute ... isn't that Orville Redenbacher?

John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez

Wash his mouth with a bar of soap , what a ££

Taflek User

Over the PA?? Really?  How did he expect to get away with it in that country?  Ohhhh....  Right.....   Dumb American (and no, I don't think all Americans are dumb, but c'mon yanks, you stand out more than the middle east when it comes to stupid)......

Jessica-Smith-452 User

Without context, who gives a crap.  People are such whiney btches about language.  Concentrate on the football coaches deep d!cking school boys.

COHockey User

After his stint in Poltergeist 2 you would think he didn't need to work anymore.

amncarter77 User

@Taflek America invented the silicon chip which allows you to post your message. Also, you forgot suicide bombers...middle east wins the stupid contest. Where are you from again?