Super Smelly Poop Forced A British Airways Flight To Land

Flying is never a fun experience. Everything that can legally be sold from plane tickets to a small bag of peanuts are ridiculously overpriced. Airlines come up with charges for every conceivable amenity short of breathing and existing on this plain of existence. The seats are even worse. They are cramped, uncomfortable and designed some kind of living being that doesn’t have a spine. Having to sit next to the bathroom is just the brown cherry on top of this steaming, flying turd. A flight from Great Britain showed everybody on the plane what it’s like to sit by the bathroom.

A British Airways flight had to turn around and go back home after someone used the bathroom and gassed the entire plane. The flight headed for Dubai from Heathrow Airport in London took off Saturday and 30 minutes into the flight, someone felt a rumbly in their tummy. Then headed off to the bathroom and after what sounded like a bowel emptying dump that could make Chuck Norris reveal classified information to a terrorist cell, an odor started emanating from the bathroom. 

Just about everyone on the plane started pounding the stewardess call buttons asking if they could turn down the smell or open the window, even if it meant risking depressurization. The pilot inspected the situation and I’m sure it made him glad he took that pre-flight drink. He actually informed the passengers that the smell was “liquid fecal excrement.” He then immediately apologized for everyone who ordered the creamed steak. 

The pilot made a command decision to turn the plane around and head back to Heathrow so maintenance crews could clean up the mess. British Airways put the passengers on another flight the following day. I hope they cleared any passengers who visited the airport Arby’s before they got on the other flight. 

Source: Vice