This Shocking Fact About Super Mario Bros. Will Make You Furious

Super Mario Bros. was maybe the first time we ever experienced frustration. You started with three lives, but they didn’t always last.

You remember getting killed by the Goomba.

Or hitting those invisible coin blocks, knocking you into the pit.

Or falling into the pit all on your own.

Or being killed by the moving frame.

And of course…drowning.

But did you know you could’ve avoided all of those do-overs starting back at level 1 by using a simple code?

On the original Super Mario for NES, you can start over where you died by hitting A + Start.

Posted to Reddit yesterday, the code dumbfounded many a fan of the old NES game. Some even tried the code and, yes, it’s all true.

Those minutes, hours, months and years of frustration could’ve easily been avoided with one…simple…code.

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source: Reddit