Chris Evans & Chris Pratt Made An Amazing Super Bowl Bet Over Twitter

Most people are excited to see who will come out on top for the Super Bowl XLIX, the Seattle Seahawks or the New England Patriots. But as for the rest of us that live nowhere near those parts of the country, we could really care less. Fortunately Chris Pratt and Chris Evans just made the big game a whole helluva lot more interesting after their twitter battle ended with this amazing bet. The better part is watching it unfold publicly on Twitter.

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Now I’m really not sure who I want to win the Super Bowl, or I should say who I would prefer dress up as their iconic Marvel character for charity. Of course Chris Pratt had already visited the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital last summer in full Star-Lord costume while Pratt made one visit to a single child battling cancer in December 2014…without the Captain America costume. So I think it’s Evans who should really ante up on this bet, don’t you think?

Regardless, the real winners here are the kids and not your drunk friend who keeps drinking your beer from the fridge because that guy never did anything for anyone anyway.

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source: CBS Sports