A Secret Message From The Joker Reveals Jared Leto’s Joker Laugh

I do enjoy a good viral marketing campaign. Sure, no one was really all that impressed with the big Joker reveal, showing Jared Leto covered in fake tattoos but I’m reserving most of my judgement until I see much, much more. Speaking of which, a video of what’s to come regarding the Suicide Squad universe, and The Joker’s involvement, was discovered today on the youtube channel “Jerome The Joker” with a very simple message as a title card within the video.

The bigger payoff however is Jared Leto’s Joker laugh revealed at the very end.

And there’s more. If you click through to the youtube page, you’ll see a message in morse code within the video’s description. Luckily for us lazy people, someone has already figured out the message which reads as “LADIES AND GENTS BATS AND CLOWNS. WELCOME TO THE SHOW. I HAVE A MESSAGE I HAVE SOME FUN, AND SURELY YOU ALL WILL KNOW. AS TIME PROGRESSES MY MOUTH CONFESSES AND AMERICA WILL HEAR. SIT BAT RELAX AND GRAB A BEER.”

The youtube channel has already posted 4 videos, each with their own morse code description as vague as the next. But two messages are very clear. One that reads, “5.000 subscriptions unlocks something special” and “12.1.15”.

Check out the channel’s page here for more inevitable mystery to come. I for one peed my pants a little.

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source: Aint It Cool