Sucker From Toy Dart Stuck In Man’s Nose For 44 Years Finally Sneezed Out

For some reason, kids always find a new use for toys that not even a whole team of ergonomics experts and safety monitors could ever predict. They swallow Hot Wheels whole. They get the wheels on Micro Machines stuck in their ear canal. They get their hair eaten by Cabbage Patch dolls. A kid in England somehow got the tip of a suction dart stuck in his nose and he didn’t get it out for 44 years.

Steve Easton, 51, somehow got the dark tip stuck in his nose when he was just 7 years old and he suffered from headaches and a blocked nasal passage. The amazing part is he didn’t know he had the dark tip stuck in his nose until one day, he just sneezed out the little bugger from his left nostril. Imagine just sitting at your computer now and when you sneeze, a part of your childhood just flies right out of your head.

According to his parents, his father caught him playing with the toy dart gun set when they noticed one of the suction cup tips missing. They couldn’t fit it so they took him to the hospital thinking that he had inhaled one of them. The hospital did find it so they assumed they made a mistake, even though he had minor sinus problems for most of his life. Amazingly, the suction cap didn’t cause any other damage during its 44-year stay in Easton’s nasal passage. So maybe Jay Gardner didn’t steal my M.A.S.K. Hurricane after all?

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source: Guardian