Class Action Lawsuit Finds Subway Guilty, Must Measure Foot-Longs For Customers

This dude sure does love his foot long sandwich! But what he probably doesn’t know is that his foot-long sandwich is a complete lie!

Hundreds of thousands in legal fees — all for an inch of sandwich.

— Marketplace (@Marketplace) October 22, 2015

In a class action lawsuit filed by some really disgruntled and very hungry customers of Subway, the restaurant chain has been ordered to measure each sandwich to make sure that their precious customers are getting an exact 6-inch or foot-long size sandwich just as advertised.

Personally I’ve never eaten a Subway sandwich and upon completion felt like I really needed another bite, but that’s just me. I have a sensitive palette.

The settlement states that Subway restaurants will be given a tool to measure each sandwich and if any employee doesn’t comply by giving the customer their desired size, they could be thrown into a boiling pot of broccoli and cheese soup. Just kidding. But seriously, they’ll be fired if they f*ck up. The pressure is on, Subway employees!

The complaint was filed by 9 victims, dating between the years 2003 and 2015 which actually began after someone posted a picture of their lackluster sandwich on social media. Size does matter, folks. Pretty sure more than 9 people should be awarded whatever the hell is coming to them, so head to the Independent who has a link if you feel like you should cash in on this big payout. And by big payout, they’ll probably give you a coupon.

Today, the people have won. Albeit, it’s really stupid but still…we won!