Stuntmen Rescue Girl From Comic-Con Suicide Attempt

Earnest-Pettie by Earnest-Pettie on Jul. 21, 2013

For many, the life-or-death moments at Comic-Con involve superfans dying to see their favorite creators at panel discussions. One woman's Comic-Con experience was literally life or death as she stood perched on a balcony, poised to leap, only to be rescued by stuntment in town for Comic-Con.

The woman was distraught over a break-up and had been drinking heavily in her apartment on July 19th. In her depression, she took to the balcony to jump to her death. The stunt men had been setting up scaffolding for a Kick-Ass 2 event across the street from the woman, and once they saw her, they leapt into action. Gregg Sergeant, Scott Schecter and Amos Carver from Stunt 911 ran to the building, got the manager to help them to the woman's room, where they grabbed the woman from behind and secured her with some rigging.

The woman was upset and was taken to the hospital to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Most people went to Comic-Con expecting to see everyday people masquerading as superheroes. None could have expected to see real heroes masquerading as everyday men.

- Earnest (On Twitter @earnestp)

Mido Ahmed
Mido Ahmed

ربنا يهدي

brandonr1977 User

Seriously its wrong people interfere with suicides. It's that persons life, their choice to end it. Mind you own business or just watch. Either way its wrong to interfere.


if it wasnt for attention why she do it at comic con?

Tim Jones
Tim Jones

It's obviously just a cry for help. If she wanted to do it she would have jumped right away before anyone got up there

donkey_sauce User

Would have been better if she had a super girl costume on or something..

Rachel-Grossmann-252 User

Too many idiots have access to their internet. To those of you who say "Just jump already. Don't waste time" or "She's stupid/attention-getter", it's painfully obvious that you don't understand a thing about mental health or depression. Do you really think that it was an easy decision for her to make? It's likely that she was having second thoughts. But when you're in that sort of state of mind, your own thoughts turn against you and what would seem like an idiotic decision to the rest of us just seems like the most logical thing in the world. To top it all off, there was alcohol involved. So you have to take into account that the alcohol was probably affecting her judgement as well. 

Alex Van Camp
Alex Van Camp

A guy with a Justin Beiber haircut, and headphones on in his profile pic just called someone an emo....mind = blown.

Marly Davis
Marly Davis

Its really sad that you felt the need to comment saying that Steve.

Craig McArthur
Craig McArthur

To be fair...if i had to go to Comic-con i'd probably dive out the nearest window

TopGunTrophey User

Whos the broadway showboater behind them in the last picture?

Jonah Stabone
Jonah Stabone

she should have stripped naked, that would have made a stronger statement

Bulok User

Those are some nice gams on her.  Any close up pics that aren't blurred?

Stryker_One User

Just waiting for the other shoe to drop and hearing/reading about her suing them.



ImKevin User

I suppose she was under the influence of something to make her do that . . .it's good that someone got her in time before it was to late. Hopefully, being saved can make her think twice about doing something like that .

zahnd User

do you think she got a new boyfriend out of the deaL?

cityzenx User

What happened ? Did she run out of trading cards ?

DreDaze User's amazing they were able to go up behind a girl that was just looking for attention, and grab her...if they weren't stuntmen, they probably wouldn't have been able to pull off the hard task of wrapping their arms around her...

Swaggybanana2020 User

So if someone you knew was poising to kill themselves you'd just watch?

doggin6 UserTop Commenter

@brandonr1977 i would agree with you, if it was her sitting in the garage and peacefully passing, or something alone that people dont see.   but people that stand on a ledge, around a crowd of people, never intend to do it.  they are just crying for help.  if someone wanted to jump. they wouldn't stand there long enough for people to come save them.  

graf85 User

@brandonr1977: nope, when she had too much alcohol, she wasn't in perfect condition to make life changing decisions... so it's perfectly alright to interfere.

What's wrong with you, to just watch someone die?

jobzombi User

@Rachel-Grossmann-252 I call BS.  She is not used to disappointments...boohoo, go cry me a river. She shouldn't go including everyone else in her affairs, unless...oh wait yeah she wanted attention.  I've had suicidal thoughts, we all have at some point or another, but when I did, I looked at the cleanest way that would cause no issues to others. Some guy hung himself in my the f!@#ing elementary school park on a Friday. Luckily it was President's Day weekend so no kids were around. Instead it was a guy walking his dog.  If you want to kill yourself, by all means do it, leave the precious air we have for those that find it oh so precious, not for those that on the itty bittiest of disappointment is like, "i'm out."

Andrew-Mesa-583 User

@Rachel-Grossmann-252 I agree Rachel.  I think there should be requirements that people have to adhere to if they want access to the Internet with a commitment not to post inflammatory or insensitive comments as these creeps have done.  Mental illness and depression are not things to joke about.  Free speech is the most abused right in this country.  I don't condone her actions but breakups or friendship loss can really hurt.  Hopefully she'll get the help she needs.

Shelly-Wood-644 User

@WZRDZ Some people are funny. You are not one of them. Give up and move on. What to take away from this? ... Never pass up a good chance to just shut up. *smiley face*

sepuku1 User

@WZRDZ really trying to compensate for something there huh.....maybe, just maybe accept that you like the same's cool, it's like the 90's now....

kingdomofnothing User

@CallMe-Kevin-209 Too serious of a reply for Break. Add a few insults about how she should be in the kitchen and you'll fit right in....

Nutzac User

@CallMe-Kevin-209 Wow dude! Awesome presumption! But if you learned to read instead of just looking at the shiny moving pictures you'd know that she "had been drinking heavily in her apartment" Cool how that works huh?

treyert User

@Sarmen-Boyadjian-380 Someone should have told that to your mother when she decided not to take it in the mouth instead. 

jbart321 User

@DreDaze They didn't show the part where one propelled up the side of the building while the other jumped out of a hovering helicopter.. that exploded.

DreDaze User

@Aaron-Powers-117 @DreDaze ha...please elaborate moron...people are too quick to praise people as 'hero's...this chick wasn't jumping...if she was, she would've jumped right away, it's a cry for help