Stuntmen Rescue Girl From Comic-Con Suicide Attempt

For many, the life-or-death moments at Comic-Con involve superfans dying to see their favorite creators at panel discussions. One woman’s Comic-Con experience was literally life or death as she stood perched on a balcony, poised to leap, only to be rescued by stuntment in town for Comic-Con.

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The woman was distraught over a break-up and had been drinking heavily in her apartment on July 19th. In her depression, she took to the balcony to jump to her death. The stunt men had been setting up scaffolding for a Kick-Ass 2 event across the street from the woman, and once they saw her, they leapt into action. Gregg Sergeant, Scott Schecter and Amos Carver from Stunt 911 ran to the building, got the manager to help them to the woman’s room, where they grabbed the woman from behind and secured her with some rigging.

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The woman was upset and was taken to the hospital to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Most people went to Comic-Con expecting to see everyday people masquerading as superheroes. None could have expected to see real heroes masquerading as everyday men.

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– Earnest (On Twitter @earnestp)