Modern Life Ruins Sex?



At least across the pond, anyway.  According to a poll taken once a decade of 15,000 Brits, people aged 16-44 are having sex fewer than 5 times a month (this is also known as the ‘Break editor times 7’ average).  The last two times this same survey was conducted that number was over 6 times.  So almost two whole humptastic rendezvous have been lost in a decade.  But where did they go?

The downward thrust, so to speak, is being partly blamed on economic issues – will I have a job tomorrow, can I afford these condoms I’m not even going to use for sex, that sort of thing.  But another, more sad, and awful reason, is modern technology and social media.  Thanks to tablets and cell phones, people are bringing the internet to bed with them so they can text, answer emails, tweet and check out hilarious videos on!  This in turn seems to mean a couple of times a month sex is getting bumped in favor of making fun of Kanye West on Twitter or watching some dude lip sync to Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball.

Also noteworthy is that porn may be replacing sex in some instances, apparently since you have your tablet right there anyway, and that 16-24 year old women are having the most sex out of anyone at 5.8 times per month (keeping in mind 16 is legal in the UK so this isn’t quite as uncomfortable as it sounds).

Be honest with me, do you ever play Simpsons Tapped Out instead of having sex?