Student Sues School After Being Suspended For Tweet About Kissing Teacher

Social media may have brought us to a new age of communication but it’s also given the easily offended a platform to post their whiny thoughts and overreactions. The problem is that some of those people are in positions of real power and can do some pretty serious damage to people’s reputations over almost nothing. Take, for instance, the case of a student in Minnesota who is suing his school for suspending him for two months for a private Tweet that was just two words long. 

Reid Sagehorn, a former honors student and football and basketball team captain, took his Rogers High School in the Elk River school district of Minnesota to court over his suspension. School administrators placed him on the suspension over a private Tweet that said “Actually, yeah” when someone asked him a question about whether or not he made out with a teacher who worked at the high school. The school placed him a five-day suspension but then decided it to extend it to 10 days and by the time he left the school, he had been asked to stay home for nearly two months. Come on, if he can complete a full thought with just two words, doesn’t that make him a model English student at least? 

Sagehorn left the school so they wouldn’t expel him and now he’s been given the green light to take them to court. Maybe the student should have been punished for mouthing off about getting busy with a teacher even if it was just a kiss that never actually happened.

However, this feels like a case of overkill. Imagine what the district would have done to the poor if he really had slept with his teacher. Hell, he’s luck he doesn’t live in Texas where they would use the death penalty for jaywalkers if they could. 


Source: EdWeek