Student Posts Craigslist Ad Looking To Rent A Family To Celebrate Her Birthday

19-year-old Natalie Carson of Colorado posted an interesting ad on Craigslist. The college student is looking to “rent” a family to come and celebrate her birthday with her.  It might not be what you are thinking; out of all the weird things posted on Craigslist, this is actually the most heart wrenching.


Looking for a family to rent, maybe this is a good market for Uber to get into.

Natalie grew up in foster care after her biological parents abused her. For a few years she was placed with a family in Georgia that adopted her, yet they too abused her and she went back into foster care at the age of 12. Since then she grew up without a family and things like the holidays, graduations and birthdays have been very difficult for her with no one to celebrate them with.

Birthdays were particularly painful for Natalie who says that her terrible adoptive family once gave her a doll as a gift, but later made her put it in the trash. Of these special occasions she says; “I usually just try to sleep through my birthday and holidays too. I just think, “Go rest and it’ll be over in the morning and you won’t have to think about it again until next year.”’

Having recently “aged out” of the foster care system, she is currently working and earning her college degree. She decided to do something about her lack of fun birthdays and wanted to make this year special when she turns 20 on June 10th. So she posted this ad to Craigslist;



She says she is not looking for any money and even wants to pay the participants $8 an hour. Thus far she has received thousands of emails from all over the world and is talking with one family about being there for her birthday.

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Source: Daily Mail UK