Student Kicked Out Of College After Being Filmed Stripping To Win iPhone X

A young student in school to become a teacher has recently been expelled after footage of her stripping at a bar in order to win an iPhone surfaced online.

Only identified as “Yevgenya S,” the 19-year-old Russian girl was unknowingly filmed taking her clothes off at a nightclub in the town of Troitsk, located in central Russia. According to Yevgenya she and her friends “were enjoying ourselves, drinking, then the competition began.”

Awkwardly enough, the host of the competition offers to hug Yevgenya so that no one else could see her as she pulled off her underwear – and yet when all was said and done, she didn’t even win an iPhone X. That’s right, Yevgenya got kicked out of school so that she could win…a cheaper model iPhone. Imagine ruining your life for a 5C, because that’s what Yevgenya is going through right now.

To add insult to injury, the shitty iPhone was stolen from her bag on the same night.

Mirror reports that Yevgenya has been in hiding since the video began circulating online. Her mother, who is said to work several jobs in order to pay for her daughter’s education, seems to be taking it in stride. “She is not 15,” she told Mirror. “She should think with her own head where she is headed. She is a calm person and does what others tell her.”

What do you think – would you strip for an iPhone X? What if you knew you were being videotaped? Let us know in the comments!