Crafty Student Got Two Yearbook Photos By Pretending to Have a Twin

Yearbooks serve as an undying reminder to your formative high school days. It shows just who you were and who you hoped to become as you moved into adulthood. One high school student showed all of history and time that he’s the craftiest bastard who ever lived by actually convincing his school that he had a twin so he could appear twice in his school’s yearbook.

Terry and “Jerry” Bell actually showed up twice in the school yearbook side by side as twin brothers. The only problem is that Jerry Bell doesn’t exist. It’s just Terry in a different set of clothes because twins wearing the same thing is a major fashion faux-pas. How did he do it? Apparently, it was as simple as getting your picture taken on the regular photo day and then showing up on the makeup day in a different set of clothes while claiming to be your own twin brother. You might think that the yearbook staff would confirm the mistake by checking with the school’s student records but apparently they skipped that process because both Terry and “Jerry” appeared side by side in the high school yearbook. We knew that the yearbook staff just joined so they could get an extra photo in the “Clubs” section.

Let’s just hope that none of the yearbook staff members involved with the printing of this book go on to find careers in homeland security or we’re going to be royally screwed.

by Danny Gallagher

source: Elite Daily