American Declared Dead Found In North Korea As Kim Jong-Un’s English Teacher

Yesterday we learned that North Korea has nuclear backpacks. Well it turns out that they might be using the radioactive backpacks to go to school and learn English. According to reports an American student declared dead in 2004 has turned up in North Korea as Kim Jong-Un’s personal English tutor. I wonder what the translation for HOLY CRAP in Korean is?

David Sneddon in China in 2004.

Twelve years ago David Sneddon was a student at Brigham Young University in Utah. As a Mormon Missionary, Sneddon went on a student exchange trip to South Korea in August of 2004. While there he made a trip to the Yunnan Province of China hiking near the Tiger Leaping Gorge. Sadly, Chinese authorities concluded that the 24 year-old fell to his death in the gorge in a tragic accident. However since his body was never recovered Sneddon’s family has always had doubts on the official report.

For over the past decade his parents have continued to search for information on what really happened to their son. They even have a website called which gives updates on clues they have uncovered. They have made several trips to China where they posted missing person flyers.  Roy and Kathleen Sneddon met with North Korean defectors who confirmed that it is common for the regime to kidnap foreigners along the Chinese border. One even told them that he had heard of a man matching David’s description teaching English in North Korea.

Sneddon’s family in China, searching.

Now, like something out of a thriller movie, there suspicions seem to have been confirmed. Reports from Yahoo News Japan have surfaced that David Sneddon who could fluently speak Korean, was kidnapped by North Koreans in order to be Kim Jong-Un’s personal English tutor. Back in 2004 Kim’s father was still the dictator of the reclusive country. Amazingly the report says that Sneddon is now living in the capital city of Pyongyang, married with two children and continues to teach English.  He would be 35 year’s old now.

You couldn’t have used Rosetta Stone, you prick?

After all this time the US State Department and representatives in Congress including the Sneddon’s Utah Rep. Christ Stewart and Senator Mike Lee are pressing for a resolution for the American government to launch an investigation as to what happened to David Sneddon.

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