Entire Class Receives Bonus Points Just From This One Student’s Random Email

This is a story about one student with nothing left to lose. Sounds like a movie, right? It’s not as epic as it sounds but it’s pretty great considering that it actually WORKED.

Deondre Wallace who is a student at Missouri State University knew he wouldn’t be able to pass his next exam. We’ve all been there before. No matter how well you try to do in school, there’s always those one or two subjects you just exceedingly suck at. Damn you Calculus! Not to mention subjects that, well, we’ll probably never use in our lives for any reason whatsoever. Again…Calculus.

So with that in mind, Deondre opened up his email and wrote a note to his teacher under the subject “Extra Credit”.

Haha, his teacher’s name is C. Moore.

I would’ve gone with “Help” by the Beatles personally.

On one hand, the student has GOT to be either drunk or high in order to email his teacher some random Black Eyed Peas lyrics, right? That’s one bold move right there. But his teacher recognized the humor and thought what the hell, why not give them all 20 bonus points each.

On one hand, that’s one pretty rad teacher. On the other, what happened to a student actually earning bonus points these days? We’re not entirely sure what the subject of the test was but maybe the teacher could’ve put a super easy bonus question in the test so EACH student felt like they, y’know, earned it.

Also I would feel a little weird if I knew a fellow student got us all bonus points by emailing the teacher to suck up on their personal time. That’s not exactly how you get a good reputation, no matter how positive the results. Just spitballing here.

Either way, let’s hope those points actually helped these kids out. Let’s also hope Deondre is listening to something other than his Jock Jamz 2003 CD.

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