Stripper School In Florida Mansion Shut Down Because Of Loud Parties

This is probably the classiest story you are going to read today.

These girls are students, just like NCAA basketball players.

And by classiest, I mean the trashiest story about a gaudy $2 million Florida mansion rented out to a stripper school. I didn’t know you had to teach strippers how to strip; I figured out how to take my clothes off and didn’t pay anybody to do it.

A place of higher learning: depending on how high you learn to crawl up the stripper pole.

The Gulf Coast Egyptian themed mansion known as “Pharaoh’s Palace” situated next to a posh gated community would have gotten away with being used as a stripper school if it weren’t for the fact that the strippers enjoyed throwing loud, wild parties on a continual basis. The school which was advertised as Pharaoh’s Daughters, claimed to provide aspiring exotic dancers “coaching and ongoing employment to promising young strippers and exotic dancers for work in prestigious gentlemen’s clubs.”

I’m guessing this is the one school where teachers sleeping with students are highly encouraged by the administration.

Pharaoh’s Daughters? Sounds like the Pharaoh failed as a dad.

So basically the skeezy millionaire owner of the mansion, and his partners    wanted to get a bunch of strippers into a mansion. They even tried filming a reality show  about strippers called Lap of Luxury, which never got picked up.   However nights of wild booze fueled DJ’d parties didn’t sit well in the neighborhood of wealthy, older Floridians. They didn’t so much want porn stars and strippers partying in their back yard as they wanted peace and quiet. Although I’m not sure if any of them knew about the “Harem Room” in the mansion.

This would make for a great sequel to the Seth Rogen movie Neighbors, about a stripper school that moves in next to a bunch of Florida retirees.

This led to constant noise complaints to the police about “booming stereos” and screaming women violating a noise ordinance. The mansion/ stripper school/ rich guy excuse to bang young chicks got several citations for such unsexy things as “operating events without approval,” and “running a home based business without approval.”  Operating events without approval? What is this the North Korean Stripper school?

This girl sure is getting taught a thing or two.

So finally the mansion’s owners agreed to stop all commercial activity at the house which they plan on selling. Hopefully the new owners give it a good scrub with some disinfectant. Now where are all those strippers going to go to school?

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Source: NY Daily News