Mom Works Stripper Pole While Breastfeeding, Internet Explodes

Meet Ashley Wright. A self described public speaker, blogger and “Goddess” but it’s the videos of her pole dancing while breastfeeding her toddler that has the internet paying some serious attention.

Breastfeeding in public is a strange hot topic but Wright seems to be taking the issue to the next level by showing the world that she can not only breastfeed wherever she pleases but also work the pole wherever she pleases as well. Like, say, the beach for instance. Onlookers be damned!

And when Wright isn’t posting motherly photos or breastfeeding her daughter while working the pole, she’s showing some of her more adult moves that she’s been learning. Y’know, in case breastfeeding just isn’t your thing.

Personally, I have a weird issue about parents putting their kids out there on social media, let alone parents then posting some of the more “adult” variety of videos but maybe that’s just me. But let’s think of the kids for a moment. I’d hate to grow up to find out any of my parents had posted pole-dancing vids followed by vids of me being breastfed cause those images and vids don’t really go away (as a lot of celebrities have learned), but then again what the hell do I know. Wright does have over 88,000 followers on Instagram afterall.

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