Hard-Working Mom Is Too Busy Stripping To Help Police Find Her Missing Daughter

It’s hard to strike the right balance between career and family. This is especially true in today’s sluggish economy, where even the most devoted parents are sometimes forced to sacrifice time with their children in order to make ends meet.

For example, take Bobbey Jo Boucher, a 29-year-old mom from Florida who works as an adult entertainer at the Calendar Girls Gentleman’s Club. Recently, when her daughter went missing, police reached out to her via telephone moments before she was scheduled to be up on stage. At this point, Boucher was forced to choose between helping the authorities locate her missing girl, or shaking her ass for a bunch of leering perverts waving one-dollar bills.

“I have to get onstage,” she allegedly told the officer before hanging up the phone. Although it was a tough decision, Boucher had chosen career over family.

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Luckily, her daughter was found safe and sound later that day. But that didn’t stop the authorities from arresting Boucher and charging her with obstruction, proving once again that the deck is stacked against working moms and career-driven women in this country. We can do better, America. (Source)