Hero Of the Day: The Wal Mart Trio

Check out this crazy video from Woodland, Washington where a woman, Jennifer Richards, outside a Walmart gets attacked by her abusive boyfriend.

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The woman was being beaten down in broad daylight when three men came to her rescue. You can see in the video that the woman’s boyfriend wrestles her to the ground and then begins punching her repeatedly in the head and face.

Three men, strangers all, saw the beating and raced to help, proving that at least some people are willing to get involved when something awful is going down. The men pulled the boyfriend, Owen Castonguay, off of Richards and then held him until police could arrive.  All three men simply reacted with one of them, 43 year old Brian Webb, saying he didn’t even stop to think about it.

Thumbs up to these three strangers who didn’t need to be asked or forced in any way to get involved and save someone else from being assaulted. They may not think they’re heroes or that they did anything other people wouldn’t do, but maybe that’s a key part of being a hero anyway, just doing something because you know it’s the right thing to do.