No, No One Catches Fish With Crack Cocaine

Fishing is a little bit of sport and a little bit of science.  There’s more to catching fish than just tossing a hook with a worm on it into the water.  You have to know the bait, the fish, the spot, the weather, all kinds of things can affect your ability to fish.  And sometimes things you’d never expect can have an influence.

Leonard Grey is a fisherman in Prince Edward Island in Canada.  Some years ago, his brother had a crack habit that Leonard was not a fan of.  To help his brother kick the habit and prove a point, he took his brother’s stash out to the ocean and dumped it overboard.  Inexplicably, the result was a feeding frenzy of fish, including bluefin tuna.

Except, of course, this is all BS.  You can listen to the whole radio show here if you like and marvel at lines like “crack is whack” and the police officer who can’t abide Leonard’s ways but as a fisherman admires them.  Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? It is.  The news program is pure satire and always has been. It’s basically a radio version of the Onion.  That didn’t stop outlets like Brobible, 105.1 The Blaze, and dozens of blogs and radio stations from sharing the story with readers.

People are very obsessed with the idea of clickbait these days, stories that manipulate you as a reader to click on them.  This is often done with headlines that don’t always reflect what’s in the story at all, or that promise something it can’t deliver – 6 Mind-Blowing Pictures of Kim Kardashian’s Butt (#4 will Change Your Life!) – or that use language that makes you think you need to read this story to be a complete and happy human.  Yes, we try that on Break a bit too because we want you to be interested in what we have, but we always try to back it up with the content.  That said, we also try to present reality as reality and BS as BS.  Sometimes the media is just too eager to believe a fake story.

The moral?  Just because it’s news doesn’t really mean it’s news.  Far too often stories aren’t fact checked or researched beyond a first glance.  Keep that in mind when you read anything that seems a bit too crazy to be true.  Sounds obvious but a lot of news editors seem to forget it.