New York Man Creates Snow Igloo, Proceeds To Make $200 A Night On Airbnb

Storm Jonas has taken over the east coast with many citizens snapping photos of how terrible the blizzard has really become. But one New Yorker is making the most of it by giving snow-stranded folks a place to stay inside this homemade snow igloo. And not for cheap.

Apparently the guy behind the igloo-for-rent had the idea a while back but had to wait for the right “snowzilla” to strike in order to take advantage of the concept.

There’s no place like snow.

Personally I’d rather brave the storm and find a hostel or a roach-infested hotel than stay in an igloo without heat, blankets or water (filthy road snow doesn’t count as water after it’s melted, folks) but some folks interested in renting the hotel for $200 a night aren’t into actually sleeping in the igloo it turns out. Apparently the igloo for rent is a popular destination for Tinder dates as well.

I suppose since the snow-housing doesn’t come with any actual warmth, it might be the smoothest move you could make for your Tinder date. As for any occupants to visit after, well, bring your own tarp. God knows what germs are in that thing.