Stoner Caught Giving Horse A Little Holiday Cheer

A Wausau, Wisconsin resident will be asking for bail money and a toothbrush for Christmas as the 30 year-old man was caught performing oral sex on a horse this past week. Well that’s neigh good.

Welp, that is certainly the face of a man caught blowing a horse. Did they at least give him time to – uh clean up before the mugshot?

Sherriff’s deputies caught Jared Kreft inside a barn where the stoner’s good time came to an abrupt halt. At the scene police found a glass marijuana pipe, a jar of petroleum jelly and noted that Kreft was wearing a face mask, black jacket and wind pants with holes cut in the crotch and ass. Hard to explain your way out of this one; Maybe while he was high he thought that the horse was one of Santa’s magical reindeer and he was just priming his pump for his big ride?

Not what you think. …I hope.

There was a guy earlier this year in a Florida Walmart who was caught delivering his present to a toy horse. However this sicko, Kreft really took things to the next level getting all Fifty Shades Of Grey with his equestrian lover. After being arrested the guy who I assume is a big Equus fan, told cops that he had viewed his collection of horse porn before going to the barn, getting high and attempting to stimulate the horse with his hand before going downtown for the Big Gulp.

The bestiality buddy is currently held on a $2,000 bond and is charged with sexual gratification with an animal sex organ, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana as a repeat offender and bail jumping. So hide yo ponies, hide yo mares ‘cause they blowing horses out here in Wausau, Wisconsin!

Source: The North Western

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