Stoned Teenagers Call 911 After Getting “Lost” In Tiny Neighborhood Park

A lost person’s distress call is nothing to joke around about. All the time hikers get lost in the wilderness, ill prepared for the elements and rescue teams must be sent in to fetch them from the deep forest, or on top of snow covered Mount Everest amidst life and death situations.  This is the sort of terrifying scenario that was unfolding for two Canadian teenagers… but only in their stoned, drugged out minds.

Police in Barrie, Ontario responded to a 911 call for too high as hell teenagers who thought they were lost in the woods. In reality they were in a small, 50 acre neighborhood park called Lackie’s Bush that is surrounded by houses, busy streets and is adjacent to a high school. Sounds like a delightful place for a quick picnic or to get a little handsy with your GF after class.

Students from the school frequently walk through the wooded park creating many well-worn footpaths. However, this wasn’t enough for the young “Cheech and Chong” over here to find their way out on their own.

Lackie’s Bush? More like Lackie’s KUSH, am I right?

Cops were stunned by the emergency call to Lackie’s Bush as they say there is NO WAY anyone in their right mind could get lost in the park, especially during daylight hours. After speaking with them for a bit it was obvious to the police dispatcher that they were on the drugs. A search and rescue team consisting of two patrol officers and one dog were quickly dispatched to the area before things went full blown 127 Hours.

As the officers strolled through the small park, the dispatcher on the phone with one of the teens told him to shout “help” so they could hear them. However, instead of shouting “help” the teen simply said “yeah” in a quite voice.


Luckily the cops quickly found them as they were “silently staring off into the sky.”

I bet their families are just thankful that after an hour stranded in the “Canadian wilderness” they didn’t get the munchies and start gnawing off each other’s feet, resorting to cannibalism Alive style. The two goofballs were taken to the hospital to get checked out and won’t be charged with any crime.

Hopefully Dumb and Dumber don’t go swimming anytime soon;


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Source: National Post