Break Poll: Should Steven Adams Have Apologized For “Racist” Comment?

For Today in PC Outrage we go to Oakland, California where last night The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Golden State Warriors 108 to 102.  Yay team! However what has some basketball fans really upset is not what happened during the game, but right after it. 22 year-old Steven Adams, a native of New Zealand did a post-game interview and had an “interesting” description of his opponents’ abilities. Watch the clip:  

To recap, he said: “I don’t envy guards, mate. They’re quick little… they’re quick little monkeys, those guys.”

As you can imagine the social media was quick to explode and jump down this guy’s throat for making an insensitive racial slur.

Did he really mean to call the black players on the other team “monkeys?” Or was it bit of a cultural misunderstanding? He was quick to issue an apology, telling USA Today Sports:

“It was just a poor choice of words, mate. I wasn’t thinking straight. I didn’t know it was going to upset anyone, but I’m truly sorry. It was just a poor choice of words. I was just trying to express how difficult it was chasing those guys around.”

I want to know what he calls his mustache.

He went on to say: “It’s just different, mate. Different words, different expressions, and stuff like that. But they obviously can be taken differently, depending on which country you’re in. I’m assimilating, mate, still trying to figure out the boundaries. But I definitely overstepped them tonight.”

Super awkward. Do you believe his explanation? This brings us to our Break Poll:



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