Is This A Picture Of Steve Jobs Hanging Out In Rio?

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Aug. 07, 2014

Why is it billionaires get to have all the fun?

This photo taken by Redditor The Horse Sized Duck (that name screams credible source) in Rio de Janeiro shows a man in a wheelchair who bears a striking resemblence to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Jobs of course passed away in 2011 from leukemia but of course that would never stop anyone from forming a conspiracy theory about how he never actually died.

Here's the photo that was taken and posted yesterday on Reddit.

Okay, that does look a lot like Jobs, waaaay more than Ashton Kutcher. Even down to the black shirt, glasses and hair pattern.

But of course this being a look-a-like accompanied with the title “Steve Jobs is in Rio de Janeiro, alive" could just be a joke on the poster's part. Or he's actually trying to pass it off as real with some decent photoshop work. Or Steve Jobs is f*cking alive and this guy found him.

One of the more interesting parts of the photo isn't Jobs, but the man pushing his wheelchair. In the context of Jobs faking his death and moving far, far away, him having to hire a local that has no idea who he is makes the thought that it IS Jobs a little bit more real. I mean, if it was an old white lady who we could link to someone in Steve Jobs' past, that could make this easier to deduce.

But I've never been one to think celebrities like Elvis, Tupac and Andy Kaufman are still alive. Although it's kind of a fun thought to have.

Alright, let's take a vote. Who thinks this could be Jobs and who thinks this is just horse-sized-duck shit.

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Edac2day User

Fake Steve Jobs is to the real Steve Jobs as the Samsung Galaxy is to the iPhone.

zingz87 User

Yeah cuz that's where he'd want to be spending his time.

Raspurtin User

That does indeed look a lot like steve jobs but as an artist who studied anatomy the skull and facial muscles, I can tell you the cranium is off by just a bit, the forward cranium of jobs is a little larger whereas this guys cranium is less prominent than Job's.


it's him, he stepped down because he is sick

Geepa53 UserTop Commenter


mykylc User

Steve is gone RIP.  This guys head is shaped differently than Steve's.

ObamasPubes User

steve jobs is dead... wtf.  Todd I read your articles, and it's beyond me how you are allowed to continue writing them.  You must be friends with someone at break, or you are one of the owners.  You aren't funny, you aren't clever, the content you pick to write about never interests me.  I really only click on them, to write how bad they are.  You can probably tell by the lack of comments in most of your articles, and how uninterested most everyone is in what you have to say.  

stev379 User

We never saw the real Steve Jobs. The man we know as Jobs was a stand in. Nobody knows was he really looks like. That said, the man in Rio has a different chin than the Jobs stand in.


He died of pancreatic cancer you dibshit.  I guess you just jacked the info from and didn't even bother to fact check.  Todd Spence, pppffffff.

ntitz User

He's finding the next sweatshop to build more products for white people in the states! But when?

Ragnar--rn-972 User

Are you sure it was "taken" yesterday, where is the proof? Maybe this is an old photo.

Buk-Lau User

@ObamasPubes you still choose to read his articles. therefore, he trolls you every time you allow yourself to get mad about his content. well played todd!

TheFaz User

@ObamasPubes Oh but the username ObamasPubes is freakin hilarious! I mean, WOW! You got Obama in there, which a lot of people find funny. Then you've got Pubes! I mean what 12 yr old doesn't find the mention of pubes funny?!?! I bet it was a toss up between that and PresidentPoopFart. You are a comedy genius!

Kriss-Prolls-Crispy-882 User

@ObamasPubes No one forces you to be here... You're free to leave if you don't like it. But anyways it's still ok to post stuff like this as it is interesting in my opinion. Well entertaining i'd say.