Here’s Proof That Steve Carell Could’ve Definitely Played Ron Burgundy

Of course we all cherish the performance Will Ferrell gives in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (the sequel is, ehhhh, okay) but Carell’s Brick Tamland almost steals the entire movie with enough one-liners to fill an entire fridge with Anchorman magnets from Spencer’s Gifts. With comedy chops like Carell’s, it makes you wonder if he could’ve easily pulled off the lead role. Probably. BUT, would he have had the right look is the main question.

Luckily, a Reddit user answered this question for us, recently discovering a young, suave Steve Carell (then going by Steven John Carell) in his mom’s Denison University yearbook in Ohio. Good Lord, what an incredible image.

Hard to tell if he’s playing a character or just some early 80’s pervert in general, but it’s a glorious mustache regardless. The man that found the picture says he was floored when he recognized Carell’s mustachioed mug.

“My mom went to high school with Steve Carell, and he worked as a bagger at the local grocery store in her town,” the user wrote. “She didn’t know him that well because they were in different grades, but she says he was a really dorky kid and that no one would have ever guessed he would have become a famous actor one day.”

At least we know if they ever reboot the comedy, one of the original members can still audition for the lead.

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