Meet The New Pennywise For The Theatrical Version Of Stephen King’s ‘IT’

We’ve known that one of Stephen King’s more popular books “IT” will be getting it’s own theaterical version for about a year now. Sure, we received a 1990s version of the book in miniseries format (some think it’s dated, but as far as television movies are concerned, it holds up pretty well) but held back a lot of the horror detailed in the book for obvious reasons. The biggest question however after the announcement of the film was who will play the nightmare-inducing clown Pennywise because Tim Curry’s role in the miniseries was nothing short of iconic. Well today, we got our answer.

No, this isn’t one of the kids the clown terrorizes in the town of Derry Maine, but in fact the actor that will fill Tim Curry’s very large clown shoes. Will Poulter is the actor’s name and if you don’t really recognize him, don’t worry, not many will. The only notable film he’s been in is a 2013 comedy called We’re The Millers (starring Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston) which was oddly enough a better comedy than what I was expecting. Regardless, this ladies and gentlemen, is your new Pennywise.

On one hand, this seems like an awful…awful casting choice in light of his predecessor but on the other hand, True Detective director Cary Fukunaga is helming the potential two-part theatrical film and that gives me hope. Maybe he knows something we don’t.

As far as the character of Pennywise, the TV movie never really went too into depth as far as the clown’s powers, with most thinking the book is just about an evil clown. In fact, “the clown” is really a demonic entity that is as old as time itself who awakens every twenty seven years or so to kill in the town of Derry. The demon’s primary target is usually children because they are easier to capture, and in turn often has the disguise of a clown to make luring them closer much easier. The demon however can take form as really anything. In the book, the demon can disguise itself as your worst nightmare or as your best friend, which makes King’s story one of his more terrifying reads.

Only time will tell if Poulter can knock it out of the park, especially with the aid of that clown costume.

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