Colbert Hilariously Responds To Tweet Controversy With Beer

Outrage erupted this weekend when The Colbert Report’s official twitter account tweeted what seemed to be an extremely offensive message toward Asians. 

Really, this is nothing new. Comedian Peter Sellers offended the Asian people long before Colbert. 

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Regardless, the tweet in question was related to a thought expressed on Colbert’s show about the Washington Redskins team name and the insensitivity that name lends toward the Native American race.

This then lead to a ballyhoo of anti-Colbert viewers that weren’t in on the tweet’s ironic context, which then began the trend #CancelColbert for the next few days.  Finally, on Tuesday night’s show, Stephen Colbert responded and frankly it’s may be best that I just let you watch his explanation.  Apparently putting anything the guy says in writing can only confuse most people.