Stephen Colbert Cosplayed Some ‘Hobbit’ Characters, Proving He’s Still Awesome

Last night on The Colbert Report, Colbert announced he had been dipping into the world of cosplay recently. I know, I’m sort of over the whole trend myself. But in this case, the cosplay is actually pretty excellent considering he’s not only portraying one, but three characters from the land of Middle Earth for three alternate covers for Entertainment Weekly’s December issue. Obviously as a promotion for the third and final Hobbit film Battle of the Five Armies.

The cool thing about this stunt is not so much getting a comedian to goofily dress up like Hobbit characters, but the fact that Colbert is actually a fan of the books and movies. He even writes a tribute essay for the issue and sits down with director Peter Jackson for a Q&A. Nice.

Colbert writes, “Tolkien’s work has been a lifelong haven for me—truly a light in dark places when all other lights went out. For an awkward teenager, Middle-earth was a world I could escape to. Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth also gave me a world to escape to, but by the time his films came out, I was rich and famous and didn’t really want to escape my life anymore. Still, great movies.”

Check out the released images below. Pretty sure one of these will be my new laptop wallpaper.

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There’s even a cool behind the scenes video to show how the makeup process went down. Apparently the clothes and wigs used in the shoot were actually worn by the actors in the movies. No word on how gross they were to put on, or how sweaty they must’ve wreaked, but I’m sure it was a thrill nonetheless.

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View the rest of the images below:

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Colbert’s final Colbert Report episode is Dec. 18th on Comedy Central, with the Entertainment Weekly issue hitting stands on Dec. 19th. Looks like he’s already planning on going out with a bang. We’ll take it.

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source: Entertainment Weekly