A Will Ferrell Themed Bar Just Opened In New York And It Looks Amazing

If you’ve ever watched Anchorman, Old School or any other number of Will Ferrell classics and simultaneously thought “Damn I’d love a drink right now” well you’re not the only one. Finally, some masterminds have created a Will Ferrell themed bar and it looks nothing short of the greatest bar ever. What would you expect, it IS a Will Ferrell themed bar afterall.

Located on the lower east side of 174 Rivington Street, the bar which is called “Stay Classy New York” isn’t actually fully open yet. It’s currently doing a quieter opening and still in preview mode until October 25th. Preview or not, the bar is already getting a lot of attention because this is obviously something we have needed for a long time.

Frankly, it looks less like a bar and more like a Will Ferrell fever dream. And their Ferrell-one-liner themed drinks sound amazing, if not to just give you a reason to shout “You’re my boy, Blue!” at a bartender.

Here are some other great snaps people have taken at Stay Classy, just to give you an idea of how badly you knew you wanted to be inside of it.

The creators of the bar, Brian Link and Zach Neil think all of Ferrell’s films are great but Anchorman is really the true inspiration for their new establishment. But the big question is has Will Ferrell stopped in yet? Neil says he hasn’t but is already mentally preparing himself for that glorious day, saying “I’d rather it be like a Tuesday night and its dead in here and he just walks through the door. That would be better than me reaching out and trying to be like – hey come to the bar we love you man.” Something tells me that not only will the man swing by, but he’ll probably host a night of karaoke or play waitress for a few hours while he’s at it.

Once Stay Classy’s preview has finished, the bar plans to throw an Anchorman-themed Halloween party on Oct. 31st. Looks like I just found my Halloween plans this year.