Have You Spotted This Creepy Clown Roaming New York?

In today’s frightening news, there’s been a creepy clown spotted waving at folks in various parts of New York (Staten Island specifically, but I’m sure clowns can ride boats too).  The identity of this nightmare come to life has not been discovered, only the fact that the clown has been spotted at night in nearby train stations and residential areas, and only waves to people as they walk or drive by, then disappears.  The clown’s location seems to always be unpredictable and has yet to say anything or be approached by anyone.

The clown has caused quite a stir with the Island’s residents, some even wanting to risk death by taking a “selfie” with the lunatic turned rogue clown.

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Smart thinking, son.

Here are some other pictures taken by folks who have randomly spotted the “Staten Island Clown”.  The one with him standing on the balcony is maybe the creepiest.

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Even though news broke that the clown may in fact be linked to Staten Island production company Fuzz on the Lens, the owners told press that they had no involvement with the clown.

So I guess it’s just up to us to go figure this thing out. I’m going to grab a few torches and pitch forks if you guys want to meet me at the airport. I need all of the help I can get because whose to say it’s just one clown.  Maybe it’s a whole gang of’em.

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