Starbucks Will Start Selling S’more Flavored Frappucinos, Because Starbucks

Starbucks sure knows how to tickle our flavor bone. But I am surprised it’s taken this long for the biggest coffee chain in history to come up with a S’mores frappucino for their customers to enjoy. Starting on April 28th for a limited time, Starbucks will offer a “layered” frapp consisting of marshmallow whip, chocolate syrup, and blended graham crackers with milk and ice. I think there’s coffee in there somewhere, but who the hell can tell after all of that sugar.

Check out the magical frappucino below:

*Dancing not included.

Apparently to get their new frappucino flavor off on the right foot, locations are offering a Happy Hour to customers from May 1st to May 10th. On those dates, from 3PM to 5PM, customers can get any frappucino flavor for half the price. That’s right, half the price! Personally that kind of deal reminds me of when The Joker in Batman ’89 told the town of Gotham he was giving away free money. It’s a little too feeding on our Pavlov senses to be good so I might just stick with making my own s’mores if the craving comes calling.

What do you guys think? Will you be choking one of these drinks down? Or just opting for a syringe of diabetes instead.

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source: Cosmo. Not that I read Cosmo or anything. Whatever!