Starbucks Has A New Beer Flavored Latte For Some Reason

The research department at Starbucks Headquarters is grasping at straws with this one. Okay, we ironically put up with Pumpkin Spice Lattes – but now Starbucks is experimenting with beer flavored latte. Sounds great – will it be the only coffee to come in a 40 oz cup?

Thanks Starbucks: This is mother flippin’ great news for our alcoholic population. After a big boozed-filled stupor out on the town, you can wake up in the morning – safe with the knowledge that your first drink of the day will taste like beer. Clearly this bridges the gap between getting through the morning hangover – and then rushing off to down that first drink at Happy Hour.

Starbucks beer-flavored coffee is called a dark barrel latte – and they are “experimenting with it in a “handful” of stores in such trash-ball havens as Ohio and Florida. A spokesman from Starbucks clarified: “The coffee tastes like a dark, stout beer — think Guinness — and has no alcohol content.” This comes on the heels of companies that were shut down by the FDA for creating caffeinated beer.

Hey Starbucks – I got a great thing you could experiment with concerning your beverages: how about “coffee-flavored” coffee!? (My point, your coffee sucks.)