Starbucks Customer’s Hand Drawn Middle Earth Map On A Cup Will Blow You Away

I’m not sure what’s more amazing; a customer at a Starbucks drawing the entire Middle Earth map on a coffee cup or the fact that they just left it behind anonymously.

One barista luckily noticed the drawing and thought to post the images to Reddit instead of just blindly throwing the cup away in the garbage. Check out the images below in all of their nerdy glory.


But the lack of details regarding who drew on the cup and which Starbucks this took place made me wonder more about the drawing in general. After checking out the comments on the original Reddit post, some users are thinking this is a marketing ploy by Starbucks themselves which I have to say makes sense. Personally, if I’m taking the many hours to draw this on a cup, I am damn well getting credit for it. Also notice how the cup has been discolored (soaked in coffee or straight up painted) to look more like an old map. So maybe this was actually a brilliant marketing ploy all along?

Regardless, I applaud any handmade art to this extent whether it’s paid for by a coorporation or not. Especially if that means some talented artist got paid pretty well to make a Middle Earth map, because making money doing art is not an easy task. And if it was just for fun, well, that’s pretty cool too.

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Source: Mashable