Is This Starbucks Barista’s Flirty Caption On A Hot Girl’s Cup Smooth Or Creepy?

Hot girls love Starbucks, sometimes more than oxygen it seems, so being a barista at one of the store’s locations has its perks. And we’re not just talkin’ about free banana muffins. One Starbucks barista was put on blast (that’s still a saying, right?) after a girl posted to her social media channels what he did to her Starbucks cup to kindly let her know how super hot she is.

Aside from having the handwriting of a serial killer, we can’t really tell if this is a smooth move or just plain creepy. On one hand, he didn’t exactly say “Let’s bang!” but on the other, it’s clearly a move that has been used so many times before which makes it more sad than anything. And sad flirting can come across as creepy flirting real quick. He may have earned more points if he could’ve at least come up with something, ya know, original.

On the other hand, after seeing who the girl was that posted the photo to her Facebook, we can’t fault the guy for trying anything just to get her attention. He’s not working at Starbucks because he’s a brilliant writer afterall.

Laura Roberts who is only 19-years-old says that she actually knows the barista but maybe that’s her way of saying “oh, he’s just a super sweet guy, no harm.” Something tells me if she really knew him that well, he’d be more comfortable actually telling her how much he fancied her and would just avoid writing notes on a coffee cup that will inevitably be left in a parking lot somewhere. I’d probably save the cup as evidence for the police later down the line if I were her.

So how would you react if you received a note like this from a barista (regardless if you’ve met before or not)?