Official ‘The Force Awakens’ Movie Poster Reveals The New Death Star

With tickets finally hitting online for the seventh chapter in the Star Wars saga tomorrow, fans weren’t expecting another treat this morning when they woke up. It seems the Star Wars fairy left us all a gift on the interwebs in the form of an official theatrical poster for the The Force Awakens. And it’s nothing short of glorious.

It’s like if Starburst had sex with Star Wars, this is what their kid would look like.

Everyone seems represented, from veterans Han Solo and Princess Leia to Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren. But there’s one other amazing addition that has yet to be spoiled; The new Death Star. We repeat THE NEW DEATH STAR.

Frankly, this poster is like staring into Star Wars heaven if one to ever exist. Although it would be nice to see Luke Skywalker hanging out with Solo and Leia drinking a Coke or something, or at least dominating the overall poster instead of Kylo Ren, it’s pretty cool that the producers are sticking to their guns and savoring his reveal until the movie comes out.

A lot of fans however will be most of all bummed that Drew Struzan, the official Star Wars artist who gave us the beautiful re-release Special Edition posters in 1997, didn’t create the official Force Awakens poster. And really, I can’t blame him. Those particular set of posters he created in ’97 are truly nothing short of breathtaking. And even though Struzan’s one of the most talented poster artists to ever live, sometimes an artist shouldn’t even try to top themselves.

This is one thing Back to the Future II couldn’t predict. Another Star Wars movie with the original cast.