6 Rad Star Wars Themed Desserts That Aren’t Meant For Just Nerds

star wars cake

Got wookies on the brain? Star Wars universe – and if so, don’t you just want to eat it?

hammer gif

Well, now you can. Or at least someone can. As per the photo at the top of this page, a super realistic All Terrain Armored Transport AT-AT Walker has been baked, which surely will cause envy amongst nerds worldwide and across the galaxy.


Some fans may recall that a Star Wars cake was also created on “The Big Bang Theory,” but it wasn’t nearly as elaborate as this one.

This certainly wasn’t the first nor shall it be the last cake made in homage to George Lucas’ creations. This cool Death Star cake must have taken a long time to make.

This Millenium Falcon chocolate cake looks pretty out of this world as well.

While the cake may be out of reach for most, you can always try the far simpler Star Wars cookies as seen here:

Some Star Wars related foods aren’t meant to be taken literally – think of this one more as a reflection of how many fans felt about Jar Jar Binks.

jar jar

For pure beauty though, nothing can top these Yoda pancakes. May the maple syrup be with you.