Man Gets The First ‘The Force Awakens’ Star Wars Tattoo Despite Common Sense

Everyone was more or less pleased after checking out the new Star Wars trailer for The Force Awakens, but one fan in particular was more than excited about one of the characters featured in the 88 second long teaser. Out of everything shown in the movie, the rolling droid must’ve really made an impression on this young man so much so, he decided to get the thing tattooed on his leg. Yeesh.

Don’t get me wrong, I dug the little guy in the trailer. I like that it had a familiar design but also a brand new droid altogether. Why not, right? But to get it tattooed on your leg? Well, now, I would personally wait to check out the whole movie because there might be (probably is) a way cooler droid to get a tattoo of besides this thing. At least a 99% chance.

The man who goes by iBreckon on instagram writes:

I may have the first ever #episodeVII tattoo haha! This little dude is the shit! @tyler480 killed it on this tattoo, thanks so much man! Cue the Star Wars theme!

Is he the shit, though? We literally saw him for 2 seconds. That droid might have to clean up all of the animal shit in the village or something. But hey, who am I to deter a fan from having some fun. I’m just glad to see someone actually liking that robot rather than crap on it.

Droid choice aside, on a design perspective, if the droid is rolling from right to left (assuiming they probably used a still from the trailer as a reference) shouldn’t the antenna be bending right instead of left? It’s those details that would drive me crazy if I ever got a tattoo.

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source: Instagram