‘The Force Awakens’ Character Posters Are Here And They’re, Well, Okay

Now that all of the trailers and teasers have been released for The Force Awakens, we know what the official poster will look like and well, frankly we’re just ready to see the damn movie, there was just one final marketing ploy to be offered; character one sheets.

That’s right, Disney has released (still feels weird to say Disney) five one sheets depicting five singular characters; Finn, Rey, Kylo Ren, Han Solo and Princess Leia. Awesome. The only problem though is they’re, well, boring. Take a look for yourself.

For it being hopefully the greatest Star Wars film since The Empire Strikes Back, you’d think the marketing team could come up with something a little more eye-catching (pun not-intended) for these character one sheets. We might never see another “Harrison Ford as Han Solo” poster again, people! So let’s make this count! Let’s make it awesome! Instead, he’s covering one eye up with his gun as if he’s taking an eye test for some new bifocals. In fact, they’re all taking an eye test it seems. I guess you need tip-top vision when you’re about to do battle.

I will, however, be buying at least one Kylo Ren because something tells me that character is really going to leave a mark in the Star Wars universe.