Star Wars Fans Have Total Meltdown When Sound Cuts Out During Movie Premiere

The quicker you learn that life isn’t fair and the world’s general rule of thumb is “Too bad, go fuck yourself,” the easier your life will be. It may sound depressing, but if you go into everything having the lowest expectations possible you will never be disappointed – it’s how I was able to make it through all eight seasons of Dexter without gouging my eyes out.

But that was me, a 23-year-old dipshit with a Michael C. Hall fetish – check out these REAL adults have meltdowns over a fucking Star Wars movie:

While it would make life infinitely more interesting, hollering commands and complaints from across the theater to the people working in the box office will generally get you nowhere. What happened to walking? Did the seats in the Star Wars theater cut their legs off? Why was the theater full of rude assholes who thought screaming at no one in particular would help anything?

And I get it – they paid for the movie and they want to see the movie. The poor theater worker comes out and says they can have refunds but they can’t restart it, which only leads to more abuse hurled his way. You’d think that all these assumingly somewhat intelligent people would realize that he’s getting paid minimum wage and isn’t actually in charge of jack shit, therefore taking the whole debacle out of his hands – but nah, instead of taking the refund and coming back for a later showing all hell continues to break loose.

Who was it again that said “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate”? Only true Star Wars fans would know, unlike these buffoons.