‘Star Wars Episode VII’ Subtitle Has Been Revealed, And It’s What You’d Expect

After recently wrapping out the scheduled filming for Episode VII, one of the bigger lingering speculations about the refurbished Star Wars franchise from the newly Disney-owned Lucasfilm is not so much who would be in the cast, the plot or how soon we will see the movie in theaters. It’s the subtitle. And just now Lucasfilm has revealed just that.

Star Wars Episode VII willl be called…

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The Star Wars subtitle has some big shoes to fill considering that’s about the only way we can quickly tell each one apart. I don’t know anyone who uses the sequel numbers, rather than just saying “Empire” or “The first one. No the other first one. A New Hope.” So with this film being called The Force Awakens after a long hybernation for any good Star Wars films, this title sounds great to me.

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