Footage Of ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ Set, Millennium Falcon Prop Captured By Drone

Who do you think would win in a battle between the Millennium Falcon and an unarmed aerial drone? Normally, the Millennium Falcon would be the favorite. But when it comes to snapping unauthorized pictures from the set of JJ Abrams highly anticipated Star Wars sequel, the drone wins in a landslide.

While the director has teased fans with random production images, a sneaky fan flying a drone has captured some footage of the Episode VII set in Greenham Common, Berkshire. The Force was strong with the guy that snagged this video.

Originally a man named Matthew Myatt flying in an airplane and taking publicity shots for a flight school came across what he thought was a hangar full of experimental aircraft, which would have been awesome enough. However upon closer inspection, these were not experimental aircraft, but rather shots of a half-built Millennium Falcon and an X-Wing fighter.

[[contentId: 2758392| alt: Star Wars Set| style: line-height:20.7999992370605px; opacity:0.9; width:75%]]

[[contentId: 2758393| alt: Star Wars Set| style: width:75%]]

[[contentId: 2758394| alt: Star Wars Set| style: width:75%]]

But now a rebel with a drone has done him one better by capturing actual video of the set.

Are you looking forward to more leaks from the Star Wars Episode VII set, or do you want everything to be a surprise when you see it in theaters?

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