Stan Lee Finally Gets His Own, Worthy Action Figure

Just about every comic book superhero has at least one high quality action figure except for the man who actually created all of them. He may not have any superpowers like the ability to fly or shoot lasers out of certain orifices but we definitely wouldn’t have some of the most revered and honored superheroes of our time. Revered Marvel comic book writer Stan Lee is finally getting the high quality action figure he deserves. 

Das Toyz and Stan Lee Collectibles teamed up to finally bring the world a quality action figure of the great Stan Lee. The figure is 1/16th the size of the real Stan Lee and comes with Lee’s tasteful wardrobe and the kind of badass accessories you’d expect from the greatest comic book writer in industry history. The figure comes with five interchangeable hands, two pairs of Stan’s iconic glasses, rings and an extra head minus Stan’s beard. It also comes with a stand to pose the figurine. 

You could add things like laser guns or spider webs to it if you wanted to try and make him look cooler but I don’t think that’s possible. Lee wrote the storylines for some of the strongest and most powerful heroes and villains in the Marvel universe and he wouldn’t need weapons to defeat them. He could just hit the “delete” key on his computer and make them disappear forever. 

Source: Laughing Squid