Batman V. Superman: Stan Lee Tells Us Who To Really Bet On And Why

If there’s one person that knows about superheroes, it’s Stan Lee. Hell, he created most of them! And even though everyone is ready to see the biggest battle ever put on the silver screen, Batman V. Superman, Lee can already tell you who he thinks will win.

“Oh, Superman. He’s indestructible, he can do anything. And Batman relies on a few weapons. If this is real, a fight between Superman and Batman, there’s no way you’d bet on Batman.”

Lee doesn’t have much stake in the big fight/movie because Superman and Batman are both D.C. characters with Lee being more on Marvel’s team, so really he could give a sh*t less on ruining the movie for you by putting in his two cents. And frankly, if this were a real battle, Superman would crush Batman in seconds. But something tells me Warner Bros will probably make this battle a draw since there’s clearly so much money to be made from these two characters.

I just hope Wonder Woman swoops in and kicks both of their asses because Cavill and Affleck are probably the least magnetic actors to ever wear the iconic capes.